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About Us


Asian IT Case Series Coordinators:


Isam Faik
Department of Information Systems
National University of Singapore


Anand Ramchand
Department of Information Systems
National University of Singapore


OH Lih Bin
Department of Information Systems
National University of Singapore


Mailing Address

School of Computing
Department of Information Systems
National University of Singapore
13 Computing Drive
Building ‘COM2’
Singapore 117417

About the Asian IT Case Series

The Asian IT Case Series is a teaching-based case repository specializing in case materials about Asian organizations. AITCS aims to be an online distribution venue for rigorously conducted and well crafted case-based teaching materials, for use free of charge, globally by educators and students, particularly those from Asian institutions. Through the AITCS website, authors can contribute their quality Asian-based teaching cases, together with supplementary teaching materials (such as teaching notes, lesson plans and suggestions, and presentation slides) for use by educators around the world. Instructors, similarly, can adopt these teaching cases in their classes by downloading the teaching packages available with each case.

The philosophy driving AITCS is the collaborative nature of case study development. Working closely with practitioners from a variety of industries to develop exemplar case studies of their individual and organizational efforts, educators are able to best craft real world problems and experiences into materials that can be effectively used for teaching, as well as research, purposes. By making these quality materials freely available to educators across the world, AITCS aims to facilitate and cultivate the adoption of case method pedagogy in teaching, particularly for institutions without such resources. AITCS acts as a centre for case method excellence, providing instructional materials to educators adopting case-based teaching for their classes. In turn, AITCS aims to encourage adopters of the case method to themselves become authors of teaching cases for use by the educational community.


The Asian IT Case Series engages in the following:

Creating IT Educational Materials Relevant to Asia

 AITCS develops IT educational materials, including cases and industry notes, about issues important to students and practitioners in Asia. With a specific focus on Asia, AITCS-associated faculty collaborate with educators and practitioners from Asian institutions in the development of world-class IT management educational materials.

Promoting Social Entrepreneurship in Asia

AITCS provides teaching materials free-of-charge to anyone around the world, especially to Asian educational institutions with limited teaching resources. This objective aims to bridge the digital divide gap between the developed and developing countries in Asia.

Building the Asian Case Study Research and Practice Community

AITCS fosters the culture of using case study in teaching and research. It aims to act as a one-stop portal for case learning, teaching, writing and research – a self-organizing community for case study educators and researchers.